Wild Fox Hill


My cozy yet spacious eco-cabin is nestled in the Hogsback Mountains with a spectacular view of the three Hogs as well as Toor Doone. Affectionately named the Fox Den, the cabin is located on my small holding, Wild Fox Hill, a self-sustainable living project. The cabin is completely off the grid, running off solar electricity and water from rain tanks and a stream/ river below and is well positioned to enjoy beautiful morning and afternoon light. In the summer laze in hammocks and enjoy bonfires and outside baths under starry skies. Winters have frosty mornings, falling snow and roaring fires. Come and explore the mountains!

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The cabin offers the following:

The following items are provided:


On peak Off peak
1-2 people: R700 per person sharing for the cabin 1-2 people: R600 per person sharing for the cabin
Additional 2 guests: R225 per person sharing Additional 2 guests: R175 per person sharing
Children and additional guests: R125 per person Children and additional guests: R100 per person

Things to do:

Hogsback is the perfect weekend getaway with walks to the Madonna and Child, Swallow Tail, Kettle Spout Falls and the 800 year old Big Tree. Starways Pottery and the open-air Rose Theatre is where local artists perform in an intimate setting is just up the road and we’re well positioned to enjoy the moonlit horse riding offered by Terra Khaya backpackers.  Hearty pub food can be found in Hogsback Village at a number of local pubs as well as the local favourite, Butterfly Bistro with their famous pizzas. The Edge is not to missed with its epic view of the valley below Hogsback as well as their labyrinth for those looking for a meditative experience.

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The oldest pub and restaurant on the mountain set in the first building at Hogsback - still going strong after 140 years!

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